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Sunday, July 12, 2020




It is notified for the information of all concerned that Haryana Staff Selection Commission will hold wTittcn examination (OMR Sheets based) for the post of Group -D, against Advt. No. 04/ 2018, Cat. No. 01 of various Departments, Haryana on 10.11.2018  (Saturday) ,   11.11.2018  (Sunday),   17.11.2018  (Saturday),   18.11.2018

(Sunday),  from 10.30 A.M to 12.00 Noon (Morning Session) and 3.00 P.M. to 4.30

P.M. {Evening Session) at various districts as per schedule given below:-

  1. Candidate must bring legibly printed Admit Card with recent colored photo pasted on it at mark duly attested by Gazetted Officer and one  identity proof with photo like  Driving License, Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Passport etc:. at the examination Center  failing which candidate will not be allowed to enter in the Examination Center.
  2. Candidate should ensure that he/she possesses the requisite qualifications and age and fulfills all the eligibility conditions for the said post as per advertisement on the cutoff date. In case, at any stage, it is found that candidate does not fulfill the essential eligibility conditions, his/ her candidate  shall be immediately cancelled without assigning any reason or notice besides taking such other action as deemed appropriate by the Commission. No claim/compensation shall be admissible in this rt gard. The Adm it Card is provisional and subject to fulfillment of advertised eligibility conditions on the cutoff date.
  3. Candidate should enter the examination center at 9:00 A.M (for morning session) and l.30 P. (for evening session) to enable frisking by Security Staff and to enable: lhe Invigilator to check t h t: admit t:ard, obtain the Biomctrics and get the attendance marked and thu mb impression in  the attendance sheet  and complete other formalities. No entry shall be allowed after 9.30 A.M . (for morning St:ssion.) and 2.00 P.M (for evening session). Candidate shall not be allowed to leave the examination centre before the <·nd of examination.
  4. Canclidate shall ensure at the start of the examination and within first five minu tes, that all pages of His/ Her test booklet are properly printed and test booklet is not darnagcd in any manner and serial N of OM R Sheet and test booklet match with each other. In case of any discrepancy the candidate should immediately report the matter to the invigilator for replacement or test booklet. No claim in th is regard will be entertained after fivc minutes of start of  examination.
  5. Candidates shall make sure to fill the correct test booklet code on the OMR Answer Sh If the space for the Booklet Code is left hlank or more than one booklet code is ind icH ted therein and non filling of name and roll no. as per instruction, it will bt: deemed to be an incorrect booklet code & Answer Sheet will not be evaluated. The candidate himself/ herself will be solely respon sible for all the consequences arising out of any error or omission in writing the test booklet code. Candidate shall put his/her LTl  (Male)  and  RTI  (Female)  on  attendance sheet, on declaration in all the three OMR answer sheets i.e Original copy, Commission’s copy and Candidate’s copy and on the Biometric Machine alongwith signature.
  6. Candidates are warned not to fold, tear, destroy or make any stray marks on the OMR Answer Sheets. Use of Eraser, Nail , Blade, White Fluid/Whitener to smudge scratch or damage in any manner the OMR Sheet during Examination is strictly prohibited. Candidature/OMR Sheet of candidates using Eraser, Blade, Nail or White Fluids/Whitener to smudge, scratch or damage in any manner the Answer Sheets shall be cancelled.
  7. Each question has four alternative answer of which only one is correct li’or each question, darken only one circle on Original copy only of OMR Sheet which ever you think is the correct answer on the OMR answer sheet with only Blue/Black Ball Pen provided by  the The candidates arc warned not to mark anything on Com mission’s copy anci Candidate’s copy. The impression of Original OMR sheet will automatic.ally be marked on Commission’s copy and Candidate’s copy of OMR answer sheet. Pencil should not be u sed for darkening the circle. If, more than one circle is found darkened, that answer will not be evaluated. Further, if a candidate darken  more  than  one  circle  and smudge/  scratch  any place in any manner with Eraser, Nail, Alade, White Fluid/Whitene r etc. Then in such circumsta nces OMR Sheet/ Answer Sheet and candidature of the candidate shall be cancelled. The candidate himself/ herself will be solely responsible for this.
  8. Candidates are warned not to carry any mobile phon e, any type of watch, bell, wear ornaments like ring, chain , earring , clectronic or commun ica tion device, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Shar·pner and correcting Fluid in the examination centre. If any candidate is found possessin g any such item, he/she will not be allowed lo enter in the examimHion centre. Candidate found possessing mobile phone ancl any other aiding material/device as mentioned above in the examination room will be treated serious violation and it will amount to cancellation of the ca nd idature and debarri ng him/ her from future examination of HSSC.
  9. Candidate shall put his/her signature and thu mb impression on the Admit Card at the places printed for it in the presence of Invigilator in the Examination Hal
  10. The written examination  will  be  supervised  by  doing  frisking  before  allowing  ent11 into Examination  Centre,  using  CCTV  Cameras,  Scanning  of  QR  Code/  Attendance, Biometric Attendance process by captu ring the Riometric thltmb imression and Photograph of the candidates during Examination, Videography and using Jammers etc. in the Examination llall/ Examination Centre to stop copying and impersonation etc.
  11. Candidate’s request to change the Date, Shift, examination centre and  seat in the Examination Hall shall not he entertajned.

12.The scanned photograph of the candidatP. on his/ her Admit Card or attendance sheet will be tallied with the candidate appearing in the examin ation by the_invigilato r. In the c:vent of any discrepancy in the identification and verification of the candidate and photographs,  the candidate shall not be allowed to sir in the exami nation and be liable for criminal prosecution
13. Candidate shall not be allowed  to go  to the  toilet/washroom  d uring first and  last  thirty minutes of the examination.

14. Candidate will not be allowed to leav che OMR sheet blank. If 1my OMR sheet is found blank. It shall be crossed by the invigilator with his/her signature and mention ing “Cancelled” on ir.

15.There will be three copies of OMR answer sheet i.e Original copy, Commission’s copy and Candidate’s copy. After the examination is over, the candidates shall handover the OMR answer sheet completely i.e all the three copies and Admit Card to the invigilator and there after invigilator will handover the Candidate’s copy to the candidate. The candidate can take away the question Booklet alongwith the Candidate’s copy of OMR answer sheet with him/ her. If, the candidate does not handover all the three copies of OMR answer sheets and Admit Card to the invigilator and takes away any of the above documents, his/her candidature shall be cancelled and criminal proceedings shall also be initiated against him/ her.

  1. If a candidate does noL comply with the instructions as mentioned above or creates any kind of indiscipline, the Commission shall take action as per instructions and in addition can also debar the candidate from appearing in the Examination, to be held in futu re by HSSC and can also initiate criminal proceedings.
  2. Physical Handicapped candidates who need \\Titer/scribe Are advised to contact Center Superintendent before the entry time of written examination alongwith all required documents

i.e Admit Card of the candidates, PHC certificate of the candidate issued by medical hoard, two latest photogra phs of writer, Photo I.D proof of wri ter, certificate of studying from School of the writer etc.

  1. The above instructions are alread.Y available on HSSC website i.e. www .hssc.gov.in . The candidate has to comply with the instructions menlioncd above, instn1clions given in advertisement or instructions printed on A<lmit Card Question booklet, OMR/ Answer  Sheet P-tc. Therefore, thf! candidates are again advised to read and understand the instructions carefully given by the commission from time to time for  written  examination/ Interview through HSSC website, Advertisement, Examination Notice,  Admit  card, Question  Booklet, OM R/ Answe r sheet or any other manner. If a candidate does not comply with the above instruccions than he/ she will be solely responsible for the consequences.



.                       S election Criteria


  1. Written Examination
    Total Marks: 100 marks                                                               90 marks


The  examination   for  the  said  post  will  comprise  of      90  multiple  <;hoicc

questions of 90 minutes duration and divided into two porlions compr ising:-


  1. 75% wcightage  for  General  awareness,  Reasoning,    Science, English, Hindi or Concerned or Relevant Subject as applicable.
  2. ii) 25%  wcightagc   for   History,  Current   Affairs,  Literature,   Geography, Civics, Environment, Culture of Haryana.


Each question will carry One marks

Socio-Economic criteria and experience:                                  10 marks

If no person from among the applicant’s father, mother, spouse, brothers and sons is, was or has been regular employee in  any  Department Board/ Corporation/ Company /Statutory BodyICommission / Authority of Government of Haryana or any other State Government or Government of

(5 marks)
Orphan / Widow:
If the applicant is Widow; or
If the applicant is the first or the second child and his father had died
before attaining the age of 42 years, or


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